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Bharat Jain works as a consultant with clients to solve unique security concerns. He focuses on a variety of business sectors, including strategy development and technology implementation. He offers each client a one-on-one consultation and uses a holistic approach and proven processes to address their security issues. He creates a tailored solution for each client based on their operational demands, and then provides technological solutions with the appropriate performance to match the business requirements. And all of this at a reasonable price!

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Bharat Jain- The Security Consultant You Can Trust

Personal Consulting For Spy Gadgets - 30 Mins - Rs 1500

When clients are in difficulties, he provides technical aid and assists them in selecting the appropriate spy gear to capture the necessary evidence.

Personal Consulting for Spy Gadgets
project consultation on CCTV

Project Consulting - 45 Mins - Rs 2000

With his experience, he will advise you on how to create a flexible project plan and efficiently manage it.

Business Consulting - 30 Mins - Rs 1200

He assists clients in choosing online and offline marketing techniques and campaigns that are acceptable for their business operations and generate profit.

Business Consultation on Tech Products
General Consultation with Bharat Jain

General Talk - 15 Min - Rs 500

A professional approach that will advise you on the best systems and solutions for your security and marketing needs.

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Proven Success

Over the years, He has built a great credibility in the Security and Gadgets world. He leads the industry in providing the best professional Security Services and Consultation. He has consulted small to medium sized businesses and also catered to a diverse range of clients from different industries. His approach, strategies and solutions work, which makes his clients happy.